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Food for thought: The bigger gets, the less successful the #fediverse is.

Sadly, the fundamental design of Mastodon mirrors the design of Big Tech (a server architecture that can support hundreds of thousands of “users”) and thus inherits its success criteria.

I feel it’s time we at least started thinking about what the web would look like if we all had our own place on it and what it would take to get there from here.

#decentralisation #centralisation #fediverse #SmallWeb

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Wondering what the "post-Introduction" era of will look like! 🤔😁

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#W3C in the news: "Twitter Turmoil: We Need an Open Protocol for Public Discourse " "Mastodon built on an open protocol which is also a W3C-approved standard — ActivityPub. Indeed, it’s the protocol that underlies much of the fediverse,"

#ActivityPub #Mastodon

So from what I can see there's basically two main exit strategies from people leaving :twitter:
"Follow me on Mastodon at..."
"Subscribe to my Substack!"
I have to say I didn't really have e-mail newsletters being the next thing on my bingo card like I thought we hate e-mail no? 🤷‍♀️

It's isn't ready for a /r/desksetup submission yet but I'm working on it. The vertical stand for the work laptop was a recent addition there freed up a lot of space.

:twitter: How does it end? 

3) I would say is the path things are in where it just nose dives into the ground. A lot of people seem to be "waiting it out." For what? For him to implement a global paywall as is rumored? The end of Twitter as anything we remotely knew it as seems inevitable now. How's the lettuce doing? (2/2)

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:twitter: How does it end? 

Was thinking about this and nowhere else to really event is so CW is in place. No particular order... 1) Elon gets bored and brings in an adult CEO to run it as an actual company. Feels unlikely to me given who he has around him as potentials. Also damage from layoffs is done. Hard to see it getting less toxic. 2) Elon moves on/sells/admits he was wrong. Does anyone really imagine his ego allows for this? Also damage will largely be already done. (1/2)

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:twitter: Insanity/goss/takes/etc. 

Absolutely bonkers. It's just amazing to me anyone thinks this guy is some kind of business genius. And the losers he's got fawning around him as advisors. 🤮 In light of it all I think it can't be understated how important NASA oversight on the SpaceX side of things was. Thankfully they were there to make sure our astronauts can fly safely! Unfortunately Twitter has no such oversight.

Since we're headed back to the decentralized 2007 version of the internet what if anything do folks use for readers these days? Ideally with app support.

Apparently there's a hurricane headed for Cape Canaveral and plans to leave on the pad for it. Yikes.

:twitter: Adjustment? Withdrawal? 

It is very weird trying to actively not use Twitter after having relied on it as a news source for so longer. I had a long curated space list there helpful to keep up on 🚀 launches and Space Coast news. I'm reminded of in scifi when people get disconnected from implants or AIs or whatever and aren't 100% sure how to function.

Testing - Ignore (or not) 

Interesting if you put a content warning it marks the image sensitive by default. Makes sense I guess.

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Testing - Ignore (or not) 

Testing some config change and making sure uploads still work. Luna is our GSD and the instance's mascot.

🐦 Birdsite - Context - Why do I care? 

Many here are happy to have moved on from the Birdsite aka Twitter and I get that and respect it. I wanted to give some context about why I care about it and am sad for what's happening there. Back when it was fun I was part of a NASA Tweetup for a space shuttle launch. Many of my "Twitter friends" became true friends. I found a community there. Through that community I met my wife. So while I think its time is rapidly coming to an end. I do mourn it.

🐦 Birdsite goss 

Seems to me what Elon's done is turn into his own personal instance that's run by an irrational, fickle, think skinned admin who will change positions on a whim and without connectivity to other instances or ability to take ones account and go. Sigh. 🙄

Elon Musk’s first Twitter moderation change calls for permanent bans on impersonators - The Verge

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Look, does anyone remember Usenet?

You could run your own group. You could join any groups. It was up to your local Usenet admin which groups were carried at your site (usually a university or government domain) and how widely your local groups got promoted.

It was also up to you/your admin what you DIDN'T see in your usenet feed. Lots of sites didn't carry*, for example.

If your're old enough, "the fediverse" is kinda familiar.

I know there's no love lost for Twitter around these parts and an open philosophical question as to whether we need it or something like it. It will say this morning my wife was like data in my phone is being weird. Out of habit I went over to Twitter and did a search. There is so little activity there right now though that it wasn't too useful. I'll miss that.

😂 Oh Birdsite 

🤣 I hope they tell him to 🖕 right off! It was obvious they didn't have nearly enough time to do the due diligence required. Especially not in light of also recently breaking news that the infrastructure there is mostly baremetal and custom.

I'll be honest some times I am afraid to post here and on and in the because I'm afraid of being that person that harshes the vibe. 🤷‍♀️ I'd dunno.

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