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Wondering what the equivalent "Oprah" moment would be for ? Twitter really exploded when Oprah joined what would be the equivalent big bang moment for the ? Person or organization? Dunno. I guess it is a bit πŸ” and πŸ₯š.

It's this kind of thing that some how makes me feel like it was a good decision to spin this puppy up. What a shit show.

It's interesting dipping a toe into this space. It's like looking into the timeline of what the internet could have been. I imagine a world where organizations have their own instances and get control over that. A dedicated NYT, NASA, White House, etc. instance. Maybe there are "Twitters" in this world that do turnkey cloud instances for everyone but you can also roll your own. It's a magical place I'm not entirely sure how we turn into 2022 internet reality.

It's funny the other day I was joking that I would go super old school and set up a Finger Daemon for status updates (ah .plan). Lol in effect I did because Mastodon uses We finger for discovery!

"You've just taken your first step into a larger world." Welcome to the FediVerse.

BTJ Social

My own Mastodon instance. It was inevitable really. So far this instance is an experiment and where it goes from here is evolving. My interests are space exploration, aviation, technology current & retro, soccer (football), and general geekery.

For right now membership will be extremely limited due to hardware constraints and other concerns. Unless you know me in IRL your request will probably go unanswered nothing personal.