😂 This should be fun! :twitter: 

LOL Elon is busy declaring ware on the biggest company and brand on the planet. He's fleecing money and an obscene rate and stealing from one company to keep another afloat. Meanwhile Apple is sitting on a 2.29 trillion Market Cap. I am loathe to root for them for many reasons but gonna be interesting I guess.

Apparently the Moon will soon transit in front of the Earth and might be visible. Watch here: video.ibm.com/channel/b4dEcL3b

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Wow I just checked in on live view and caught this view. Apparently ORION is very near its maximum orbit. This view has essentially never been seen before as mission never went this far out. 🤯

Wait idiot in chief thinks he is going to make a phone now? 🤣 Sorry I can't stop laughing at the utter stupidity of that.

I'm going to start bringing my own streaming stick with me to Airbnbs that I can just connect to WiFi and have all my apps signed in. Better opsec than signing in on an unknown device. To few places have Chromecasts 🤷‍♀️ sigh.

Staying at an while visiting family and it's alright, definitely 80s with a few facelifts. My question is why haven't more people realized the glory of a curved shower rod? That one simple upgrade improves the experience immensely. 🤷‍♀️

Road tripping today and as we were headed through NJ I saw this and was like "Uh you alright New Jersey?" 😁 Like hey when the nukes start flying here's what to do! 😳

When I see a in the wild I have to check. Probably not shocking to know it was 👎 based on this one's appearance. Someday I'd like to have one not sure for what but they're actually quite expensive in anything approaching good condition these days.

Another feature I really like about actually I think it might be is the "text extractor" you can highlight any text on the screen in an image, paused video, etc. and it'll exact it as actual text to the clipboard. 👍

Looks like comms are currently through Canberra which just feels very full circle to me given that it also supported very significantly as well.

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Want to know if has a connection to ? Check out the live dashboard of what DSN sites are talking to which spacecraft here: eyes.nasa.gov/dsn/dsn.html

Some pretty awe inspiring images coming back from and its flight around the moon. Will be interesting to see if will have some high-res stuff downlinked.

I feel like when your TV ends up in "Developer Mode" it's fair to say you're down a rabbit hole. How will it end? Who knows probably badly. 🤷‍♀️

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